An Integrative Approach

All Clinical Psychologists in the UK are trained in more than one approach to therapy and my subsequent training has built on this, particularly with my qualification in Integrative Psychotherapy. I can bring together the strengths of a range of different therapies (such as CBT, psychodynamic, existential and systemic therapy) tailored to a given situation. Research evidence and my own experience with very highly challenging client groups in the NHS have convinced me this is the most effective way of working therapeutically.


I am also interested in evolving research into how therapy affects neurological integration in the brain and how talking therapies can be improved by including working with the body as part of treatment (e.g. by encouraging exercise or using bodily-based interventions to help relieve trauma reactions or promote self-confidence).


So integration means combining a range of approaches but also promoting integration for clients and/or client organisations.

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