The term "psychotherapy" is sometimes used in a general way to refer to all forms of psychological therapy. However, "psychotherapy" is also used to refer to a particular approach to psychological therapy which focuses on people's early experience, their emotions and their relationships. Psychotherapy may be the best approach for therapy in any of the following situations. If you:

  • Generally feel "stuck" or discontented, for example with work or relationships
  • Wish to explore and make sense of your life and open up new possibilities for the future
  • Have not benefited fully from CBT or other more directive forms of therapy
  • Have many different difficulties which you want to understand and change


I offer both short-term and longer-term psychotherapy, including "training therapy" for psychotherapists in training. I always adopt an Integrative Psychotherapy approach.


If you are unsure what kind of psychological therapy will suit you, or already know about different models and want to find out more about the schools of therapy that influence my practice, then feel free to contact me for an initial discussion.


You can get an idea of the key principles I follow in all my work by reading about

my approach.

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