Clinical Supervision for HR/OD Professionals

HR and OD professionals are increasingly working with complex human dynamics. For example coaching work may result in complex relationships, with the coach facing difficult ethical dilemmas or investing large amounts of energy into sustaining appropriate boundaries and/or effecting change. Similarly, team effectiveness or organisational change projects can be stressful to implement or have unsuccessful outcomes because of insufficient understanding of the underlying psychological dynamics involved.


I am familiar with the professional world of HR and OD and have significant first-hand experience of delivery in such areas as staff insight, employee engagement, staff health and wellbeing and team effectiveness. I have also completed the highly regarded National Training Laboratory (ntl) Certificate in Organisational Development.


Feedback from professionals on my network, colleagues and coaching clients has convinced me that my clinical experience, theoretical frameworks and personal stance can be extremely valuable, offering a reflective space that differs significantly from most managerial supervision and coaching.


As with all my work, I am open to explorative conversations with potential clients and agreeing personalised contracts on a case-by-case basis.

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